About Us


The Sapphire Project Organisation is an exciting new modern-day service for adults age 18 and over living with a learning disability. We want to understand what people want from their support, and to make sure that families and friends know how we will help them to make it happen. We offer a unique learning environment for our service users and although support needs may differ, we know that with the right support, people with learning disabilities can live full and meaningful lives. 


Our aim is for service users to develop competence, respect, dignity, responsibility, independence and to promote their inclusion within the local working community. Working closely with service users we aim to find out what their passions are and wherever possible assist with overcoming challenges and removing barriers in order to enable them to live more fulfilling lives. 

What we offer

Service users are offered the opportunity to develop transferable work skills, enterprise skills, independence skills, practical skills and social skills all within a variety of settings while being supported by qualified staff. Our project includes a café, a licensed bar and a kitchen garden all of which is open to the general public. We also offer a opportunities to develop general maintenance and wood working skills.

Service users also have the opportunity to carry out a number of routine domestic tasks to help develop their independent living skills. These include, planning and shopping, cooking meals, basic housekeeping, getting out and about in the community and residential experiences.

We support people in developing work and independence skills whilst having fun and making friends. Our aim is to break down barriers and to promote inclusion within the local community.

What Makes Us Unique? 

  • We want to offer people the chance to learn valuable life skills along with work skills and our base at Hillsborough Arena provides us with numerous opportunities to achieve this objective.
  • We offer an attractive, non-institutional environment with a team of committed staff with a very low rate of staff turnover, so people can develop strong, beneficial relationships over many years. We also offer a dedicated key worker to overlook and support the needs of both the service user along with the parent/carers.
  • We want to understand what people want from their support, and make sure that families and friends know how we will help them to make it happen. 


If you think our project would suit your needs we would invite you to come and have a look around and make an arrangement to spend a couple of days with us.

Our Biggest Supporter!!!

Hillsborough Arena is proud of our partnership with the Sapphire Project. Four of our staff are now qualified to work with service users and it is hoped more of our staff will also qualify in the future. We are particularly looking forward to offering service users evening opportunities working with us in hospitality.

Hillsborough Arena is normally a busy facility and provides a perfect base to break down barriers and to promote inclusion within our local community.

We also want this to be a place for parents and family carers of people with a learning disability to share experiences, advice and support.

It is our intention that Hillsborough Arena & the Sapphire Project Organisation will grow together and create something very special in Adult Social Care.

Additional Supporters

Working in a such a close knit community we have lots of supporters who offer a vast range of help to us from days out to additional activities, travel and sectors of work.